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Packages that use Logger
org.apache.log4j An rather minimal but sufficient implementation redirecting all calls to a log4j logger to a logback logger. 
org.slf4j Core logging interfaces. 
org.slf4j.bridge Bridge/route all JUL log records to the SLF4J API. 
org.slf4j.cal10n SLF4J API extensions 
org.slf4j.ext Localized logging using the CAL10N API. 
org.slf4j.helpers Helper classes. 
org.slf4j.impl Implementations of core logging interfaces defined in the org.slf4j package. 
org.slf4j.profiler Poor man's profiler API 
org.slf4j.spi Classes and interfaces which are internal to SLF4J. 

Uses of Logger in org.apache.log4j

Fields in org.apache.log4j declared as Logger
protected  Logger Category.slf4jLogger

Uses of Logger in org.slf4j

Methods in org.slf4j that return Logger
static Logger LoggerFactory.getLogger(Class<?> clazz)
          Return a logger named corresponding to the class passed as parameter, using the statically bound ILoggerFactory instance.
static Logger LoggerFactory.getLogger(String name)
          Return a logger named according to the name parameter using the statically bound ILoggerFactory instance.
 Logger ILoggerFactory.getLogger(String name)
          Return an appropriate Logger instance as specified by the name parameter.

Uses of Logger in org.slf4j.bridge

Methods in org.slf4j.bridge that return Logger
protected  Logger SLF4JBridgeHandler.getSLF4JLogger(LogRecord record)
          Return the Logger instance that will be used for logging.

Methods in org.slf4j.bridge with parameters of type Logger
protected  void SLF4JBridgeHandler.callPlainSLF4JLogger(Logger slf4jLogger, LogRecord record)

Uses of Logger in org.slf4j.cal10n

Classes in org.slf4j.cal10n that implement Logger
 class LocLogger
          A logger specialized in localized logging.

Constructors in org.slf4j.cal10n with parameters of type Logger
LocLogger(Logger logger, ch.qos.cal10n.IMessageConveyor imc)

Uses of Logger in org.slf4j.event

Classes in org.slf4j.event that implement Logger
 class EventRecodingLogger

Uses of Logger in org.slf4j.ext

Classes in org.slf4j.ext that implement Logger
 class LoggerWrapper
          A helper class wrapping an Logger instance preserving location information if the wrapped instance supports it.
 class XLogger
          A utility that provides standard mechanisms for logging certain kinds of activities.

Fields in org.slf4j.ext declared as Logger
protected  Logger LoggerWrapper.logger

Constructors in org.slf4j.ext with parameters of type Logger
LoggerWrapper(Logger logger, String fqcn)
XLogger(Logger logger)
          Given an underlying logger, construct an XLogger

Uses of Logger in org.slf4j.helpers

Classes in org.slf4j.helpers that implement Logger
 class MarkerIgnoringBase
          This class serves as base for adapters or native implementations of logging systems lacking Marker support.
 class NOPLogger
          A direct NOP (no operation) implementation of Logger.
 class SubstituteLogger
          A logger implementation which logs via a delegate logger.

Methods in org.slf4j.helpers that return Logger
 Logger SubstituteLoggerFactory.getLogger(String name)
 Logger NOPLoggerFactory.getLogger(String name)

Methods in org.slf4j.helpers with parameters of type Logger
 void SubstituteLogger.setDelegate(Logger delegate)
          Typically called after the LoggerFactory initialization phase is completed.

Uses of Logger in org.slf4j.impl

Classes in org.slf4j.impl that implement Logger
 class JCLLoggerAdapter
          A wrapper over org.apache.commons.logging.Log in conformance with the Logger interface.
 class JDK14LoggerAdapter
          A wrapper over java.util.logging.Logger in conformity with the Logger interface.
 class Log4jLoggerAdapter
          A wrapper over org.apache.log4j.Logger in conforming to the Logger interface.
 class SimpleLogger
          Simple implementation of Logger that sends all enabled log messages, for all defined loggers, to the console (System.err).

Methods in org.slf4j.impl that return Logger
 Logger JCLLoggerFactory.getLogger(String name)
 Logger Log4jLoggerFactory.getLogger(String name)
 Logger JDK14LoggerFactory.getLogger(String name)
 Logger SimpleLoggerFactory.getLogger(String name)
          Return an appropriate SimpleLogger instance by name.

Uses of Logger in org.slf4j.profiler

Methods in org.slf4j.profiler that return Logger
 Logger Profiler.getLogger()

Methods in org.slf4j.profiler with parameters of type Logger
 void Profiler.setLogger(Logger logger)

Uses of Logger in org.slf4j.spi

Subinterfaces of Logger in org.slf4j.spi
 interface LocationAwareLogger
          An optional interface helping integration with logging systems capable of extracting location information.

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