Package org.slf4j.helpers

Helper classes.


Class Summary
BasicMarker A simple implementation of the Marker interface.
BasicMarkerFactory An almost trivial implementation of the IMarkerFactory interface which creates BasicMarker instances.
BasicMDCAdapter Basic MDC implementation, which can be used with logging systems that lack out-of-the-box MDC support.
FormattingTuple Holds the results of formatting done by MessageFormatter.
MarkerIgnoringBase This class serves as base for adapters or native implementations of logging systems lacking Marker support.
MessageFormatter Formats messages according to very simple substitution rules.
NOPLogger A direct NOP (no operation) implementation of Logger.
NOPLoggerFactory NOPLoggerFactory is an trivial implementation of ILoggerFactory which always returns the unique instance of NOPLogger.
NOPMDCAdapter This adapter is an empty implementation of the MDCAdapter interface.
SubstituteLogger A logger implementation which logs via a delegate logger.
SubstituteLoggerFactory SubstituteLoggerFactory manages instances of SubstituteLogger.
Util An internal utility class.

Package org.slf4j.helpers Description

Helper classes.

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