Uses of Interface

Packages that use LocationAwareLogger
org.slf4j.bridge Bridge/route all JUL log records to the SLF4J API. 
org.slf4j.impl Implementations of core logging interfaces defined in the org.slf4j package. 

Uses of LocationAwareLogger in org.slf4j.bridge

Methods in org.slf4j.bridge with parameters of type LocationAwareLogger
protected  void SLF4JBridgeHandler.callLocationAwareLogger(LocationAwareLogger lal, LogRecord record)

Uses of LocationAwareLogger in org.slf4j.impl

Classes in org.slf4j.impl that implement LocationAwareLogger
 class JDK14LoggerAdapter
          A wrapper over java.util.logging.Logger in conformity with the Logger interface.
 class Log4jLoggerAdapter
          A wrapper over org.apache.log4j.Logger in conforming to the Logger interface.

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