Uses of Interface

Packages that use IMarkerFactory
org.slf4j Core logging interfaces. 
org.slf4j.helpers Helper classes. 
org.slf4j.impl Implementations of core logging interfaces defined in the org.slf4j package. 
org.slf4j.spi Classes and interfaces which are internal to SLF4J. 

Uses of IMarkerFactory in org.slf4j

Methods in org.slf4j that return IMarkerFactory
static IMarkerFactory MarkerFactory.getIMarkerFactory()
          Return the IMarkerFactoryinstance in use.

Uses of IMarkerFactory in org.slf4j.helpers

Classes in org.slf4j.helpers that implement IMarkerFactory
 class BasicMarkerFactory
          An almost trivial implementation of the IMarkerFactory interface which creates BasicMarker instances.

Uses of IMarkerFactory in org.slf4j.impl

Methods in org.slf4j.impl that return IMarkerFactory
 IMarkerFactory StaticMarkerBinder.getMarkerFactory()
          Currently this method always returns an instance of BasicMarkerFactory.

Uses of IMarkerFactory in org.slf4j.spi

Methods in org.slf4j.spi that return IMarkerFactory
 IMarkerFactory MarkerFactoryBinder.getMarkerFactory()
          Return the instance of IMarkerFactory that MarkerFactory class should bind to.

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